First Day of School Jitters – A Morning Meeting Skit

Learning Targets: 1) I can identify how fear feels. 2) I can recognize the meaning of courage.

Materials needed: Usable hand or finger puppets that mirror classroom students and an adult figure, teacher

Student Puppet One:  I have a feeling in my tummy. 

Student Puppet Two:  What kind of feeling?

Student Puppet One:  I don’t know.  Not good.  I feel sad.  Maybe sick.

Student Puppet Two:  Me too?  This new place is scary.  I like it, but I think I’m scared.

Student Puppet One:  How do we make it go away?  I think I want to go home.  I want mommy.

Educator Puppet:  Ok boys and girls.  Let’s gather around on the carpet for a story.  We are going to learn about a new word – Courage!

Student Puppet One: Oh my tummy hurts!  But it looks so fun on the carpet.

Student Puppet Two:  Look she has a book!

Student Puppet One:  I’m still scared, but I want to try…

Student Puppet Two:  Then I’m coming with you!